May 282014

Tagline: A whole bunch of ways to build a strong and happy marriage – 100% Nag Free

A book I had high hopes for. Wanting to learn from experienced spouses lessons of wisdom and practical plans to work with. And I did certainly learn a lot, I have the comfort of not being alone in some of the nuances of a marriage by reading well written short stories of the experiences of some couples.

I was disappointed, however, as within these words weren’t structured guidelines of how to actually raise a husband or how to lose just enough of yourself to be ok with things like clothing left on the floor. A change in perception, absolutely, but that’s nothing new.

Experiencing this book was something I appreciate and I know it will comfort many other readers into understanding their situation, the annoying troublesome experience of the day, is not unique. These stories also help the reader to understand successful marriages have gone through these rough patches and thrived.

My advice – get this book and enjoy it then pass it to your husband and learn something about each other you’ve been suffering through trying to understand for years.

Thanks for reading and learning enough about your marriage to stay a bit more sane,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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