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Q: What is your favorite Erica Spindler novel and why?

A: That’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! There are things that I love about particular books of mine. That said, I’m really excited about Justice for Sara, coming out in August. The book is
a bit of a departure for me in the way it’s constructed, blending the present and flashbacks. It’s a true suspense and just, for me, hits all the right notes. With it and the two before it, Blood Vines and Watch Me Die, I’ve sort of come full circle, incorporating both the romantic suspense/woman in jeopardy elements from earlier novels and the crime scene investigation from later novels.

Q: Did you start by submitting your writing to contests or did you just jump to publishers/agents? Is there anything you would change about how you got to where you are today?

A: I jumped right into writing, then submitting to agents and publishers. There weren’t nearly so many contests to enter back then and no social media. I racked up a good number of rejections, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s important to get yourself, your work, out there–and once you have, to learn from it and grow as a writer.

Q: You mentioned the upcoming Justice for Sara jacket is one of your best ever. Is there a cover/ book jacket that you didn’t completely love but went with for the sake of
the publisher?

A: Quite a number of them over the years, the most recent the Blood Vines cover. Ultimately, I can object to a cover but the publisher makes the final decision.

Q; Knowing what you know today would you still choose to be a writer or do you still wish you had pursued visual arts? Do you find there’s much of a difference in your creative process for one or the other?

A: Absolutely! I love being a writer! In my opinion the creative arts and creative process overlap, all that changes is the medium–in my case it’s words now instead of paint!

Q: Is there a book of yours you’d recommend for a new-to-Spindler-reader to start with?

A: I’d suggest one of my newer ones: WATCH ME DIE, BLOOD VINES or Justice for Sara. (August, 2013)

Thanks for reading and thanks so much to Erica for taking the time to answer these questions,

Sarah Butland author of Blood Day The Short Story, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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