Sep 072012

Ever wonder what it takes to be a superhero? Not the fictional kind who fly, become invisible or shoot webs from their otherwise human wrist.

My son came to me today declaring he’s a superhero and I had to agree. Then he went a little further and said, sadly, but how can I fly? So then I proceeded in attempt of explaining that not all superheros fly or have magic carpets.

A three year old doesn’t yet understand that these aspects are more important than flying to me.

1) Respectful
2) Honest
3) Brave
4) Intelligent
5) Modesty

These, definitely not in any order, are all personalities I see that make me see a human as super and the right combination of all as a hero. You don’t have to pull someone out of a burning building, solve the equation needed to save the world or anything too elaborate. For you to save one person from a life of misery makes you a superhero in my eyes.

Who is your superhero and why?

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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