Aug 102012

I’m testing a theory with this post and want you to help. I want to know how you sleep at night. Not necessarily the position you sleep in, that’s been done before but feel free to share if you’d like.

What I’m really wanting to know is:

When it’s 30 degrees Celsius – blazing hot in Fahrenheit – how many blankets do you need? How thick of a blanket do you need? Do you need one at all?

As far as I can remember I’ve needed a blanket no matter how hot it is. Not that thin sheet you have between you and a comforter in the winter but a fleece blanket or a comforter. It’s crazy but I’ve been discovering I’m not alone with this and want you to know that you’re not alone either.

Normally I Love the heat! Love with a capital L intentionally. But when the sun goes down and I crawl into bed I don’t enjoy knowing that I’ll be sweating in the minutes to come and just from lying still!

I want it to rain at night, down pour and thunder a little, to cool down quickly and make a blanket bearable instead of necessary. How about you?

And for some reason, in case you’re wondering, I’m always on my side on the side of the bed, turned so I’m facing the edge of the bed. Always. I’ve tried other ways – it’s no use.

And on that note, sleep well however you sleep.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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