Jul 272012

It still baffles me that people assume you have to get your child vaccinated and just do it, without question. I had questions but really felt I was doing something wrong by asking too many or showing too much concern with not getting my son vaccinated against the many diseases we’re warned about.

After giving birth my child was taken into another room to be poked with goodness knows what medication. Although I chose to be minimally medicated I still wasn’t in any condition to question the doctor. I was a few months later when we went back for more and did show some concern but not enough.

What if you don’t get it and your child gets sick? I had whooping cough when I was young and it was horrible. I don’t want it for my baby.

But wait.. I had whooping cough and the vaccine. That’s right, it does happen.

What’s worse? Vaccines do have side effects worse than a fever. Ingredients are scarier than that.

For my nursing, doctor and general health professional friends, I am not saying I am completely against the tremendous intention administers of these medications have. I am merely trying to have people understand that we do have a choice. Our kids have the right to public school whether they had these injections or not and we do have the right to question what is being put into our families body.

We often question what’s in food, pop (soda) and pills we ingest and yet we seem so oblivious to the idea that vaccines at birth may do more harm than good.

I recently watched a movie discussing vaccines titled The Greater Good. Not pro and not anti vaccines, simply providing some points of interest and facts from doctors and parents and victims of high mercury levels. That’s right, mercury and aluminum are ingredients in a lot of vaccines and I do believe this based on the research I’ve done.

The movie talks about books that are out there and news coverage that touch on it. It’s an hour and twenty four minutes I wish every expectant parent would watch. It’s not much time but it could be worth a life time.

Am I against you if you agree to comply with getting vaccines? Absolutely not! I completely understand. Am I against you doing it solely on the basis of the government telling you it’s all good and you not finding the time to research independent studies? You’re darn right!

Thanks for reading and researching,

Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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