Jul 132012

I blogged about this before but it’s come to my attention again. It’s simply hard to trust anymore, to believe anything you read.

Some trust Google with all of their information, as a source of wealth. Encyclopedias are a book of the past, the original e-book if you will, that was outdated before it went to print. Then came the Internet; where everyone has a voice and is able to claim their beliefs as truth and get away with it. But for every person who believes black is black, there’s 5 more who believe black is white.

Most recently Pepsi has been the talk of my Facebook contacts. Rumour has it their special formula for flavour consists of fetuses. Some sites are claiming they “simply” hired a company who uses the cell lining of a fetus in an effort to reduce sugar content of their drink while others are stating the actual fetus cell is used in the drink itself.

Skepticism abounds with regards to this “magical” ingredient but one thing is for certain. I will no longer be drinking the stuff. A long supporter of the drink, preferring its taste and fizzy effects over the other guys, Pepsi is too unnatural for me to continue ingesting it. It just doesn’t make sense to drink anything that has so many chemicals and questionable ingredients that this controversy has arisen.

There’s water in Canada. Clean water and now, thankfully, in my area with fluoride. If I want to ingest fluoride I’ll swallow my toothpaste, thank you. That will be something I still have control over.

In summary, I never believe everything I hear or read, especially if I only see it once. But when details will not be revealed to me about what companies want me to consume I do have questions about their motives.

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Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. sadly, there are but 2 websites on the internet where the truth can be found…this one and mine! @ http://www.jasonlawsonrants.wordpress.com lol!

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