Mar 302012

As a writer I think I’m pretty flexible in what I can write about and what genre but I’m stuck at songwriting. Maybe that’s why I admire songwriters and singers so much, they have two amazing talents I don’t have.

I’m preparing a jingle for a contest I’m entering for CBC and Q. Although I really want to attend in Moncton I feel the online service charges were too rich for my wallet as they were just about as much as the cost of the ticket (which I thought was reasonable).

And so, I decided to enter every possible contest for tickets I could think of only this one is giving me a challenge. It’s to write and sing a 30 second jingle for CBC and I have something written but have nothing to judge it on. I never know if the music comes before the lyrics or vice versa. Does using a well known jingle make for a good one?

I plan to win this. I plan to write an amazing verse that is so catchy the listener won’t notice my tone deaf singing and want to sing over it because it’s so addictive.

What jingle do you remember the most? You know when I say commercial a song comes to mind and won’t leave it. Let me know so I can have a variety to work with please.

Thanks for reading and, in advance, for commenting,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. ritchie’s carpet warehouse, that song of theres has been around forever. I hear it and it gets stuck in my head ugh! So it must be good…

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