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Since I was a young girl Jewel has been an idol of mine. With her beautiful voice and personal lyrics to match she has been an absolute inspiration as I was able to relate to a lot of her songs from the very first time I heard them and connect with them each differently as each of my years had passed.

Jewel’s story of living in her car, struggling to find herself and be that person despite all the challenges she faced     and being able to overcome it all should be something we can all learn from. That and her modesty after becoming such a huge success, her respect of her first recording contract to see it through even though she wanted to expand her audience and then her continued success independently is remarkable.

That she gives away her music, encourages her fans to download and share anything they hear her create at concerts not recorded to a cd yet. How amazing is that in the age of SOPA and Bill C-11?

Now as a mother Jewel’s ability to speak to my young child through wonderful music to continue passing her soul through generations should be enough to inspire and make anyone an addict to her music.

Thanks Jewel.

See her sing an amazing song here.


Country music is not everyone’s thing. It’s not always my music of choice and yet some singers, some lyrics and some voices haunt me and make me proud to be a country girl at heart. Paul Brandt may be the pinnacle of artists who make me love this genre of music and not be afraid to say so.

A man who was a registered nurse, working in a children’s hospital in Alberta, Canada and singing to patients who just sometimes needed an escape no matter how honky tonk-ish. He brought them to a happier place so they could be healthy and smiling for just a little while.

I recently volunteered for World Vision because I believe in the cause and for the small chance of seeing Paul Brandt live and meeting him. Although I didn’t get to stand in front of him and introduce myself I was honoured to feel like I met him by seeing his concert and enjoying his music, humour and story telling. I walked away feeling like I met his whole family and knew if they ever met mine we’d get along fabulously.

But Paul Brandt broke from his recording contract really, not comfortable with the direction they were taking him, and continued go be true to his song “I’m Gonna Fly”.  He succeeded by reaching his destination of fame with a talent like few or no others have and he writes most or all of his songs as well.

Knowing the singer can sing without technology and write from the heart and have it be beautiful and connectable is always inspiring to me as a person who can’t sing a note and struggles to become financially independent through her own writing published independently.

Thanks for the memories, the lasting shivers and the amazing songs, Paul!


The rest of these are shorter but as important, I promise.


From the moment of his conception I was aware of something great happening to me. Although his arrival to the world seemed incredibly late and torturous the moment I held him I knew it was perfect timing. I’ll never forget the difficulty I had giving birth to him – minor challenge compared to a lot of blessed mom’s, major feat compared to other – it was definitely worth the joy he has brought in his 2+ years so far and I know his personality is shining with every day that we are given. His success and happiness inspires me to give the world everything I have.


A man who loves me through it all, continues to strive for success in whatever he decides to try that day and is always searching for his passion while help me live mine. My soul mate, my best friend, the best father my son could ever ask for and my publisher. My constant fan and believer of my greatest  stretches to reach a goal.


Each of you who reads, comments and enjoys my work or gets inspired by it. You are why I struggle to find the time to write every week.


Now tell me, who inspires you?

Thanks for reading,


Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

  2 Responses to “5 Major Inspirations of Mine”

  1. Enjoyed reading about those who inspire you Sarah. Mine are;

    My grandson who smiles no matter what pain he has or how much they throw at him.
    My daughter for taking care of her sick child and fighting for the best care available,
    My son who works hard and takes care of his family, Putting 80 or more hours per week of work. While fighting a life long illness.
    My husband who loves me unconditionally, supports all my dreams no matter what they are and loves my children and grandchildren like they belonged to him from the beginning. . Is the hardest working many I ever met. Is gentle, caring and compassionate. A true gift from god, my soul mate and best friend.

    These are the heroes of my life. I don’t have to look far because they are part of my life and inspire sue daily.:)

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