Feb 102012

The obvious catch to me is the writer isn’t making anything for each book that is read and as an author this troubles me for a few reasons. The main being obvious – I want to get paid, the second is – I want to support an author financially to promote and improve book sales, in turn supporting my own.

Of course I love a free book, if it’s worthwhile and my shelf and Kindle are filled with them. Now if only I had the time to read…

Others have the impression that only books that are poorly written would be given away but that’s not true. I know plenty of authors who give away to masses a great read.

As I mentioned yesterday, Emlyn Chand just made her first book Farsighted available for download free for one day. As she watched her Amazon rank climb I wondered what effect this will have on an emerging author with only one book to her name (so far – can’t wait for more!). I don’t want to crush her excitement level but I just don’t get it.

I completely understand the authors with a book series out, trying to get more attention to the series by giving away the first of the series for free. Get the reader hooked and all that.

This marketing strategy band wagon, though, I’m hesitant to jump on. Maybe it’s that I’m greedy or too skeptical but I’m learning and open to new ideas that get my books ranked $1 best “selling”.

If you’re an author and have tried this strategy please share your method please share your expertise, advice and exit strategies with me and my readers. How do you squash that guilty feeling of having people pay for the book before and after your time period of it being free? And has this boosted your sales dramatically or at all?

As a reader, let me know what you think of the offer for a free book with no obligations. Do you download it and never read it? Do you think it’s terrible because of the cost? Do you stick with reading an author you’ve read and enjoyed because they wrote it? Do you feel ripped off because you paid for it and everyone else got it for free?

I’m new, I’m learning, I’m hopeful this can be an easy way to get my name in lights.

Thanks for reading and in advance for writing,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. I can see the marketing value to an author. Free promotions and giveaways can get a book good word of mouth and reviews.

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