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As a writer this to me is maybe the toughest question I’ve ever been asked and yet I volunteered to answer it. I’m participating in the Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour 9 with many other authors who are answering the same question. I’ll list the other participants below for your continued adventure into which they would rather be – a writer or a reader.

Readers without writers are interpreting pictures while writers without readers must ponder why they write. But don’t we anyway? I sure so. I know that writing is what I do best, know it’s something I need to do to survive and often use it as an escape and comic relief but I often wonder why I keep doing it. It’s for me, of course, and always for my readers but still… with so many other higher paying professions that catch my interest I wonder.

When I pick up a good book, one I can’t put down even though life calls the book travels with me in case I get to read even just one more sentence – and even if I’m reading it again, I feel free. It’s such an easy way to escape the normal humdrums of existence and breath a sigh of relief that a friend isn’t a murdered or being murdered, that everything is solved in just 400 or so pages; just a few hours.

It’s the books that I struggle to get through, the ones I wonder why someone created a cover for or bothered printing from the computer that inspire me the most. The good books make me think “I can do this” while the terrible ones have me realize I bought the book (or someone did) and so someone will buy mine.

I don’t know what the others will say to this – that’s what makes a blog tour so much fun – but I really but believe I’d rather be a reader until my soul and heart scream out to put it down and bleed.

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  4 Responses to “A Reader or Writer … Which Would You Rather Be?”

  1. Well, Sarah, it is a bit of both. I have always read and I have always written. Oh none of my work has been published – YET. But you know what? It really does not matter (truthfully) to me whether my work is published or not. That is not the force that drives me to write. I write because I need to. I wrote when I was just a little girl – winning my first ‘award’ in grade 5 – they had a school district contest through CNIB – I think the subject was ‘what does your eyes mean to you’ or something like that. I actually won. I remember going to the CNIB office and getting a cheque (I truly do nto remember the amount) and getting a picture taken for the local paper. I remember writing in High School and having my guidance counsellor tell me I should become a writer – that the English Teacher would praise my work. I remember the teacher taking me aside and telling me I had a gift. I remember writing a parody of Paradise Lost.
    But reading – read I did – from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (I think my still favorite book ever) to other books that I have kept in my bookcase. There is also a shelf of books that I have picked up and never quite got around to finishing – if a book has not caught my attention and interest after the first 5 chapters (depending on the length of the chapters), then I simply close it and put it on that bookshelf. They usually end up going to the University Women’s Annual Book Sale in May.
    What I read must be worth my time. And many books have transported me to places I have loved and many places I have hated but have been transfixed and transformed by both.
    Writing is my ability to breathe. From the ‘Dear Diary’ entries, to writing letters by snail mail to lovers (before I was married), to letters to my husband, to letters to my son, to journalling when I was lost and confused, to now writing for the pure joy of it; I need to write. I cannot imagine not being able to write. It transforms me as much a good book does. It also transports me to another place just as a book can.
    Which do I prefer – reading or Writing? The typical answer of ‘both’.

  2. Nice to know your view. I know the feeling when reading a interesting book, you don’t feel like putting even if your house is burning down.

  3. Hi Sarah! I think all the time about how freeing it must be to just be a reader – to get all the pleasure of losing yourself in someone else’s work without constantly agonizing over your own – but I don’t think my mind and soul would ever allow me to “clock out” and quit writing. 🙂

  4. To be a good writer, one must be a good reader first – yes? As a writer and writing instructor, I tell my students to read good lit – and a little bad as well to build the confidence and realize, hey, I can beat THAT any old day!

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