Aug 052011

People often say they don’t have regrets. That having them is a waste of time and holds them back from being happy and achieving success. Sometimes I try to believe that, make an effort to not feel a sense of loss for something that happened or didn’t.

I live my life as I currently see fit, always, and sometimes that leaves me with regrets because I grow as a person and miss the opportunities I once could have had. I feel this helps me grow and know who I am and once was as a person. Maybe I’m wrong but I wonder how many people actually don’t have any regrets and how it’s possible. says:

verb (used with object) feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.): He no sooner spoke than he regretted it.
2. to think of with a sense of loss: to regret one’s vanished youth.

3. a sense of loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, etc.
4. a feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc.
5. regrets, a polite, usually formal refusal of an invitation: I sent her my regrets.
6. a note expressing regret at one’s inability to accept an invitation: I have had four acceptances and one regret.
If you don’t bleed when cut, die when poisoned, smile when loved, quiver when scared it’s said that you’re not human.
If you don’t feel a pang of regret when you choose money over passion, junk food over your health, to make an enemy instead of a friend then I’m not convinced you’re a person.
Be honest with yourself and with each other and know that it’s ok to feel and you’ll be happier admitting you do.
Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland

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