Jul 292011

Recently we were banned from using a handheld device (cell phone) while driving in New Brunswick. A law I completely agree with but have to wonder why people are still allowed to smoke, put on lipstick, text while riding a bicycle,  and so much more. But there are so many other distractions that happen while I’m in the car abiding by all forms of the law and wonder how they can ever be detailed in a new distracted driving law.

(Please don’t worry, I ensure I’m very safe on the road at all times as should you).

Every so often I try to all my husband while driving – using voice commands and speaker phone, hands free. Only this technology is proving… well… hilarious. The first time I instructed quite loudly “Call Paul Butland” it took a while to make some suggestions. The top three choices were:

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  2. aha aha aha aha aha aha
  3. hahahahahahahahaha

Ummm… no, that’s not helpful except to make me repeat what I read. So I tried again the next day (another small emergency, I promise). Top choice and only one I bothered reading was:

  1. lol lol lol lol lol lol

Two perfectly unreasonable suggestions for “Call Paul Butland”. I did make the mistake of trying “Dial” which it immediately picked up and brought me to a search engine in a browser suggesting soap and the like. Very helpful!

I find it delightful that we depend on technology so much, when it does such silliness like this we curse it but when it works wonderfully we often forget of the power it has.

Please keep your eyes on the road, your mind on your driving and your ears tuned to a much clearer channel our technology is. We’ll all be much safer that way.

Thanks for reading from the comfort of your own home, not behind the wheel,

Sarah Butland

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