May 222011

On the eve of May 21, 2011 I was also on the eve of completing this novel and it struck me – Spindler created a rapture of sorts on Key West years before that she described perfectly throughout this book. The eerie feeling of deja vu made Dead Run even more exciting of a read – although you don’t need the rumours of a rapture and a rainy windy day to love this book.

Spindler captured the possibilities of satanism, cults and rituals alongside the traditional religion of Christianity beautiful and had me on my seat the entire read. The second of my Spindler reads I am entirely obsessed with her stories, the powerful way she has readers connecting with her characters and the fast pace throughout with just a dash of romance to broaden her readership and have you swooning for love.

Dead Run begins with Rachel, a woman priest who is trying to escape something that is not explained. In her attempts at leaving her home she leaves someone with a letter for her sister who goes through an adventure of hell to get what was left behind. Without writing any spoilers, Liz, Rachel’s sister, meets many questionable characters along her way as she moves to Key West and the church Rachel was last seen.

Suffering from an emotional breakdown after losing her parents, her sister and her husband, Liz offers her counseling services to help the population of the island in Florida much like her sister did. Only this time the woman tells her suspicions to the right and wrong people who struggle to believe her as she links everything back to Rachel in an obsessive way.

If you’re a fan of mystery, of intrigue, romance, and are interested in religion this book is a must read. It’ll have you looking at everyone in your own life with questions. By the way, the storm in my city reached it’s peak last night as I concluded the novel and made it’s way for a day of sun and calm without signs of a rapture of any kind. Do you believe?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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PS: Check back often as I’ll be hosting an interview with the best-selling author herself in the near future.

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