May 042011

Always one to want to read anything by a fellow Canadian author, I remember having Lesley Choyce visit my school ages ago so, despite my not having read a lot of his work, I was always a fan. When I finally had the chance to read a full length novel, after hearing his wonderful children’s stories, I was thrilled.

Big Burn is a young adult novel with adult topics written in an inspiring and motivating way that’s great for young and old readers alike. The story of a young but mature boy planning a summer of windsurfing finds himself falling in love and making a difference. It’s also about a bird named Jack who just may be the main character and whose name could have easily been used as the title of the novel.

A quiet and seemingly perfect area to live, right beside a beautiful harbour, suddenly sees an incinerator move in and take away it’s charm. In the beginning the community bans together to stop this from happening, in respect for nature, but some slowly change their minds when it means they could have a high paying job. Complaints fall on deaf ears, animals begin to feel the effects and people start moving or being effected by the pollution this incinerator is causing.

Can two teenagers make the difference their parents couldn’t? Be sure to read Big Burn to know what an impact an average person can make.

To say that I loved this novel is an understatement. I highly recommend Big Burn to anyone and everyone, young and old alike.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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