Feb 112011

The other day I was asked what my favourite treat was. Among a dozen or so other questions I found this one to be the most compelling and thought-provoking. When I asked others for advice they gave the same typical answers I immediately thought of.

I was trying not to be typical. My efforts were to be funny, original, a breath of fresh air when the surveyor got to reading all 18 or so replies. I’m not convinced I did that with this particular question.

What’s the big deal, you wonder? Too often “treats” convey thoughts of food, particularly junk food but sometimes healthier ones. Either way, treats do not necessarily have to be eaten but what first came to your mind when you read the title? I bet it was edible!

My first thoughts included:

chocolate, chips, cafe mocha, candy….

My second thoughts included:

all of the above.

It took a third and a fourth, maybe even a fifth to realize what my favourite treats actually were.

And then when I put even more thought into it the treats I love the most are something I give myself or make happen for myself. The treats I cherish the most is being able to spend time with my family, reading a good book or writing a best seller. Someone else is not able to reward me with these treats, these are something I have to reward myself and don’t do so enough.

So as you prepare for Valentine’s Day on Monday, whether you are single or not, decide on a treat to give yourself that’s not bought at a store or can be given by someone else. Give yourself a day and then more of rewarding you for being someone you love, can depend on and trust.

And please, share with the world what you plan to do in order to enjoy your favourite treat without gaining a pound.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  2 Responses to “What’s Your Favourite Treat?”

  1. Thanks for this, Sarah! My treat will be sleeping in, because I never do that anymore. My treat for my hubby? Shovelling Snow! I love that these treats don’t cost any money!!!!

  2. My favorite treat is dancing – puts me in a good mood – does not matter what kind of dancing it is – be it Line Dancing, ballroom dancing or just putting on music from the 60’s and dancing in my living room alone :o)

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