Feb 042011

Every time I walk into the washroom where I work I wonder this and think I may either be crazy or extra considerate.

If you’re not disabled in any way you wouldn’t park in a spot designated to those who may have a harder time accessing the building, would you? You wouldn’t take the closest spot to the building in a snow storm when you see someone with the handicap permit hanging from their car looking for a spot? And what about when the parking lot is full but these spots and the ones for pregnant woman or people with young kids are deserted. Would you ever consider taking this right away from the next customer who needs these spots?

I’d hope not.

But as I wait in the washroom while two of the three stalls are occupied. Dancing from foot to foot, bouncing like I’m excited but really I just REALLY need to pee! I often peek beneath the door of the third stall to see if it’s being used. In emergencies, I admit, I use it but I’m quick.

“But I’m quick” is probably an excuse those who park in a handicap parking spot would use too but is this the same? There are several other stalls designated for this purpose in the building, some in particular used much more frequently. I’ve never seen someone needing the larger washroom waiting for it, in fact never seen a co-worker even in the general area of this washroom with the need to use the specialized one.

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about this much longer but I wonder if all of you consider walking the extra length to find a different washroom to use or do you quickly take advantage of the often free facilities?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. I use handicap bathroom stalls all the time, all moms do. I find that in a lot of places the children’s change table is in the handicap stall. Who made that decision? I worry that someone will need to use it and have to wait on me to finish a diaper change.

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