Feb 092011

What an amazingly written tale which got me and kept me hooked the entire 480 pages it took to tell me Harlow’s story. This novel almost had me biting my nails I was so intrigued.

Surprised that I never heard of this author before receiving Bone Cold as a gift, Erica Spindler drew my attention to the first scene involving a young kidnapped girl and boy fighting for their lives. Harlow lived at the devastation of seeing her friend suffocate and losing her own pinkie finger but she didn’t realize that, although still breathing, her life was stuck in her teenage years, in that tiny little room.

Although I had my suspicions about a quarter of the way through, Detective Quentin Malone cast a doubt in my mind just as he did adult Harlow’s. I craved having the chance to read this book again to know how it all played out and to find out not only who-dun-it but how.

I look forward to reading Spindler’s books again and recommend you put this one on your To-Read list.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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