May 292010

7 Best Things

Eileen Schuh tagged me in a cyber chain game of 7 Best Things… whereas the “tagger” tells the 4 people he/she tags the topic of what they list their 7 things about. Eileen chose the best things about being a writer – easy!

1) The ability to grab a pen and paper and craft something that no one else can. To be individual while releasing something that your whole being needs you to and not have to worry about your story being done before.

2) A talent you can do anywhere in the world. To be a landscaper you need a landscape, a swimmer you need water, a pilot an airplane and so on and so forth. To be a writer, to construct a story from beginning to end all I need is me – not something expensive, time consuming or space consuming but something life consuming and something I will always have with me.

3) The amazing feeling of reaching people on a level no one else can. Language and words are something each and every one of us know but to appreciate them on the level of a writer is a whole other experience. The knowledge of writing something someone else will enjoy is energizing.

4) The fourth best thing for me is to be able to start over so easily. When a story or character doesn’t feel quite right and I struggle to give them new life it doesn’t hurt a thing to throw it away or delete it and start over.

5) Escaping the humdrum and establishing a world no one else has heard of yet. To imagine a world just the way you want it and be able to share it with the world.

6) Fans. That’s right, when you finally find a fan of your writing it’s the most amazing thing you can find. Yes, painters, sculpters, musicians, technicians, etc can establish a fan base just as easily or more so than a writer but it’s something I find wondrously magnificent in being able to spin a tale of my own.

And finally…

7) Everyone is a writer but the best thing about being one, truly knowing you’re a writer, is connecting with people like Eileen Schuh, Kelly Moran, Anita Stewart, Karen Mason, Lynn McEachern and so many more. Fellow writers who know the 7 best things about being a writer and the fact that for each person the 7 things are completely different.

Now it’s your turn:

Kelly Moran @
Lynn McEachern @
Anita Stewart @
Rowena Cherry @
Brian Cormier @
Luanne Rice @
Deborah Carr @

If you are a writer and want to do this, go ahead. The rules are as follows:

7-things is a cyberspace game of tag that promotes networking. When a friend notifies you that you are “it”, you should post on your blog or website a list of 7 things as per your friend’s instructions and then tag 4 new people and ask them to post a list of 7 different things. To promote networking, be sure you link your website/blog to the friend who tagged you and to those you tag.

Your task:

Name 7 different things you need in place to write the best to your ability. Whether it’s the right setting, the right mood, the right occasion – what gets you writing?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  2 Responses to “The 7 Best Things about Being a Writer”

  1. I wanted to you to list 7 wonderful things about writing to lift my sagging spirits and you did a fine job of that, Sarah. Writing is at times a lonely and frustrating career. Thanks for re-invigorating, me!

  2. this list of 7 is so true!

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