Jan 312010

The third book of Karen Kingsbury’s Firstborn describes John Baxter’s determination to fulfill his wife’s deathbed wish while Dayne, the long lost first born son, searches for more than just answers. Through natural storms and the downfalls of being famous, Dayne is on a path he always avoided and discovers he quite likes where it’s finally taking him.

While not being a huge fan of religious, fictional inspiring, sappy tales Found was superficially touching to me while being an easy an fast read. I haven’t read any other of Kingsbury’s works so I was a bit lost in this novel (no pun intended) but quickly found my way and made easy assumptions to fill in some of the blanks while others were left empty but seemed of dismal importance.

Enjoying this book for its temptation of a happy ending the bai didn’t entice me to want to read any of her other books any time soon.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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