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I absolutely adored this novel and cannot wait to read another one of Rice’s books. The characters were easy to relate to which made the story impossible to put down. Following Sarah Talbot through her journey of cancer made me hope for miracles and pray silently for her. Even though I knew she was a mere character on paper I recognized that this could be any young woman suffering through any life changing illness.

To see her dream despite her chances of living very many more years was heartbreaking as well as awe inspiring. To read about someone, fictional or non, living each day as if it was their last because it very well could be is something everyone should do in order to recognize how precious their own life is.

I will not tell you whether or not Talbot dies or fixes the relationships she becomes entwined with – you’ll have to read Cloud Nine for yourself and find your own island to run away to. You won’t regret it.

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Now to find time to discover another one of her brilliant novels. Any recommendations on which one to get next?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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