Dec 302009

A fan of Mary Higgins Clark I was eager to read what her daughter had to say on her own and was surprisingly very disappointed. Burned had so many characters that I found myself not caring enough about any one of them to be curious about the outcome.

The story had great potential but I found the characters did not have enough depth to them to engage me and, although a story isn’t necessarily character driven, I find it so much more enjoyable if I can relate to one of the main characters, especially if their are so many.

Complete with stolen leis, romance, travel and passion Burned takes its readers on a journey from snowstorms to sunny beaches and back.

This novel was well written and is a quick read, especially for someone more interested in the details of the story versus the people in it. I do plan to read another of Carol Higgins Clark’s books but I have plenty of more interesting ones to read before I do.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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