May 092009

Living in Canada definitely has its advantages as well as its disadvantages and I’m not yet sure where the not being to have the Kindle fits.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Kindle is an electronic device which allows you to download over 1500 books, including bestselling novels, some newspapers, blogs and magazines. With over 275 000 books at your fingerprints as long as you have cell phone coverage. All you pay for is the low cost of the book you’re looking to buy and you have it instantly. On the train, bus or at home you no longer have to stop at a bookstore to get the book you have your eye on.

You can now read, or listen, to your favourite books and not have to worry about storage space in your house. With the concentration on being green and not printing unnecessary pages, Kindle is great for saving on paper consumation.

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But I don’t know of anyone who has it in the United States or even if it would replace the feeling of having a new book in your hand. Is this the way of the future or a phase that only some are catching on to? Do you have one? Shareyour opinion on this, we all would love to know!

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