Dec 102008

Yesterday I received the newest Stephen King book of short stories and am very excited to read it. The amazing part is, this was courtesy of his publishing company. Simon and Schuster is a generous company which publishes many outstanding authors including Stephen King.

His latest, Just After Sunset, promises to be another excellent book but the bestselling author and I can’t wait to have a moment to sink into my guilty pleasure. It’s such an inspiration to see that such simplicity, such mastery of words, sentences and distorted stories to tell make becoming a famous writer a feasible tale.

Rejections, lonely book signings and the struggles to find the time to write are common issues for a writer and make it difficult to keep going sometimes but others have done it and so can I.

Thanks Stephen King and Simon and Schuster!

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  1. he’s best when doing short stories. i don’t care for his novels.

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