Dec 122008
Sarah Butland Meets Kathy Reichs

Sarah Butland Meets Kathy Reichs

On October 26th, 2008 I was fortunate enough to have famous author Kathy Reichs visit Moncton and was lucky enough not only to get to go to hear her talk but to have my picture taken immediately after she signed a copy of her book!

A friend I met there commented that I should be trading her book for mine as well as inviting all attendees to my reading/ book signings. I wouldn’t venture to do that at this time in my career but hope to hold a reading as well delivered as hers someday.

Not only did Kathy Reichs talk about her books (namely Bones to Ashes which is set in New Brunswick) she talked about her series Bones and her life. She told us of her unorthodox method of getting published and her dream to hit the big screen. All the while I was intrigued, honoured and jealous but trusting that some day I’d be as happy with my writing career as she is.

Bravo to Kathy Reichs and congrats on her new “grandnovel” written by daughter, Kerry Reichs, called The Best Day of Someone Else’s Life.

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