Aug 092023

This novel, Call Me Hunter, is much more than a book. It’s an adventure mixed with doubts, tribulations and chaos from page one. The cover was what first intrigued me when I first requested a review copy from Simon and Schuster, then as daunting as the book seemed, after reading the first page, it haunted me. Simply the preface was enough to shake me and the shakes didn’t stop.

The premise is that this book uncovers Our World, a secret worldwide organization specializing in fine art. Arguably, this piece is a masterpiece with some flaws that I could easily overlook, though they continue to puzzle me today. There is a lot in this book, with mentions of items such as a watch and trained operatives I want to know more about. I’m also intrigued by the idea that someone can take a month off of work with only a brief call to their boss (please, I beg you, share this secret). Yes, like other reviewers have mentioned, there are slight conundrums that take away from this story, but as quickly as I was puzzled by the gaps I was thrown into a rabbit hole I wanted to spend more time in.

The publisher, Emily Bestler, invites the reader (at least in my copy) to let her know your thoughts. I loved this and wanted to reach out to her right away but refrained. Instead I informed the author himself, Jim Shockey, a Canadian legend in his own right but first time novelist, that I was truly enthralled and was only on page 70 at the time.

Our World is an organization which recruits unique talents and trades artwork, though we have yet to really understand why. This book deserves a sequel to clarify the mucky scenes and answer the compelling questions still left open, such as what happened to Nyala’s friend.

Since reading the invitation to prove the details of this novel fiction, I have been begging everyone to read it. The only thing is, you’ll need to wait until October 2023 but you can pre-order now using my Amazon affiliate link by clicking here.

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Sarah Butland

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