Apr 152023

I was recently asked about my magic. What do I care about and how do I nurture that care.

I truly couldn’t answer. I hesitated then admitted I needed time to think. Time of peace, of no nagging chores or expectations, of no obligations to worry about, yet no one has that. It’s not part of life, people and responsibilities and connections inspire us to care, worry and focus on something else.

Is this necessary, though? Do we have to drown ourselves in the needs of everyone else, of society, of the twisted definitions of success to feel fulfilled? This doesn’t sit well with me. Leaving ourselves behind while foraging into adulthood seems simply backwards. For our entire childhood we’re asked what we want to be, encouraged to explore, to play and even eat dirt. To learn, to explore, to ask for help and to make others smile simply by being who we are.

Then it’s all suppressed into this expectation that we’ll work a steady job, with an income and a pension and retire when we’re a senior to then be encouraged to do what we want again. Meanwhile, the majority of our lives it just seems normal to work in hopes that our retirement will be decent.

Magic should be found in our every day. In moments that we whisper “this too shall pass”, I think we should embrace that very moment and realize all are passing. That tomorrow is not promised and today is what matters.

I found the magic today while I explored a small neighbouring village with a friend. There was magic in nature, in the sunshine and the birds who braved my approach while on their own mission. There should be fascination in the simple, the basic days, even the moments of frustration as those, too, will pass. Life is fleeting and it’s a magical thing. The chance of you being who you are is astronomical, so hard to fathom even for the most brilliant mathematicians it seems yet we cloud our visions in due dates and errands.

So I do wish you forever search for your own magic and emerge from the waters that drown you to take the moments you need to be you. You are the magic. Be the magic.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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