Sep 162021

Deadline by Stephen Maher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A political thriller that had me on a roller coaster of pointing fingers at various characters and the final “aha” moment at the very end. I started this book on August 14th as the first character introduced did tell us that it was her birthday but then, unfortunately, she wasn’t left in the story. I was curious throughout the importance of her revealing her date of birth and other characteristics but the story went in another direction.

All the characters were believable, relatable and had unique ways about them they were telling of where they are from in Canada. Maher kept the story at a very good pace, introducing many characters who each played a significant role in the “accident” that started the book and the look at a corrupt government scandal.

While the story line was frustrating at time, it was as equally believable as it was unbelievable. Knowing how easily a recorded message can be misheard, a relationship and be twisted and a small threat can turn into a pretty big deal that uncovers even more than expected.

I cannot wait to dive into more of Maher’s books!

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Sarah Butland

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