Aug 092019

Would I even be an author if I didn’t post about books on Book Lovers Day? There are so many books I love and also want to write but today I do want to learn about books and authors you love.

Do you remember the book that inspired your love of reading? I can’t recall that first one but do remember being addicted to the Chronicles of Narnia serious and being heartbroken when the last book was lost. Of course, as an adult, I needed to get the series as an adult and have started re-reading it to my son who loves it, too.

Since then, I’ve filled four massive bookshelves and have bags more. I try to refrain from buying more but just can’t…and my Amazon Kindle is full, too. It’s a hobby of mine and I wish I had more time to read all the books.

So tell me, what did you read today to celebrate Book Lovers Day?

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