Aug 032016

Two years ago my mother met Henry at the Moncton Costco store where he was selling his box set – The Angelic Letters Series. From Saskatchewan, Henry encouraged the purchase of the entire set (of course he did!) and I’m so glad my mother called to ask if I wanted it.

As my followers know, I’m a huge supporter of Canadian authors and will make an effort to read any genre if I know it was written by a fellow Canadian and this was no exception. I kept passing up the books for another one, choosing a book I knew would be good over diving into a new author/ series. The packaging alone should have inspired me to pick it up as I kept admiring the beautiful colours, the striking embellishments and just the overall professional look of the series so I’m not sure why I didn’t.

Nonetheless, when a friend asked me recently if I read them yet and I was in a place of embracing miracles around me (the yellow butterfly continues to appear) I picked up the first one – Pewter Angels.

Perfect Timing

Timing is always everything and I don’t try to take it for granted so when I started this book I knew I was in the right place in my life to embrace all it had to offer.

Pewter Angels touches a lot on  religion, with it’s whole theme including scriptures and examples of a higher being at work but written in a way enjoyable for all. Ripplinger seems to have mastered the ability to write a book – with beautifully scripted dialogue, awesome descriptions and a plot that moves quickly while not leaving anything out.

Not a small book for word count or size, Pewter Angels follows Henry as he meets a girl who is new to his neighbourhood. Set in the 1950’s I found it interesting how most aspects could be easily relived today. A romance, a coming of age story, and a history book all rolled into a great story that has me eager to read the next in the series. With romance budding, the girl Jenny is moved again across Canada and the kids promise to write each other often. Their promise is one  they both keep but the other isn’t fully aware of the impact their feelings have had all around them.

This is a book I definitely recommend to teenagers an adults alike.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful

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