Sep 082015

NEW RELEASE: The String Keeper’s Wish by Beth Lauren Parrish

For those who love: horses, fantasy, science fiction, time travel, and adventure

The Murmori, a group of entities who gain power in nightmares, are spreading fear and chaos. Earth’s vibration needs to be raised to wipe them out.

Briggs, the last String Keeper, recruits a reluctant team to embark on a time traveling mission to defeat the Murmori.

The team consists of three major players. Abigail is a teenager searching for ways to fit into this world, while Naomi, a recent widow who teaches horseback riding, is searching for ways out. Sergius, a caretaker of horses during Roman times, meets a talking horse trying to convince him that he isn’t going crazy.

The three are assisted by some quirky guides. Their bond with horses draws out their inner power and strength, as they negotiate this challenging journey.

Are humans destined to be drained of their joy or will the trio be successful?

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