Jul 212014

Striking, brutally honest and a heart breaking tale of life in the fast lane. Speed, alcohol and careless mistakes fill a life with adventure and risk but they are not all without consequence.

Love You Like Suicide (Fierce Shorts), written by Jo Treggiari, is a short story in the Becoming Fierce collection and describes the raw life of an addict experiencing moments of fun and life times of devastation before being able to vote. Treating her decisions first as an escape and feeling she is making the right choices, her fantasy world all comes crashing down as she learns about true friendship and sound decisions.

Too many teenagers feel it won’t happen to them – the addictions, the deaths and heart break – if they just try something once to escape what they feel is a bad situation. Treggiari tells it like it is and spares no emotion in the attempt to take control of a life while experimenting with the devil.

Though every teenager, and person, is special no one is alone. If you reach out and open yours eyes you’ll see that their are people who love you, other kids who have made the wrong choices for you and are just a phone call away to help you resist a temptation that could ruin your life.

Be sure to donate, even $1, to Becoming Fierce through their IndieGoGo campaign before July 29th to ensure this collection is available for your teenager to experience.

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Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One, Blood Day: The Short Story and Arm Farm

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