Apr 062014

This book was gifted to me with no expectation of a positive review but will definitely be getting one.

For anyone who has ever wanted to write a book review outside of school, How to Write a Book Review is what I’d recommend to follow as a guideline.

This book covers everything any one who writes a book review after high school needs. With a suggestion to take notes as you read, Graf provides a thorough to-do list of what you do while reading the book right up to writing the review and where to post it.

If you’ve visited my site at all, you know I write a lot of reviews which have been pretty basic as I’ve struggled with finding some guidelines and instructions to make them any more. Now, after reading and enjoying, How to Write a Book Review they promise to be more informative and elaborate, including my opinion and helpful details to encourage you to buy the book or stay away from it.

This one I highly encourage as, described in previous posts and guest posts, having a reader review a book (for free) is to an author what a 15% gratuity tip is to a waiter.

Thanks for reading and writing a review,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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