Jan 242014

Author, wise-man, genuinely true,
motivator, friend and mentor, too.
Hailing from Newfoundland
a busy but accommodating man,
Gerard Collins is someone you should meet.

When you desire something you do everything in your power to make it happen. The awesome part of this is how powerful you and your intentions are.

Somehow the universe sent me a Facebook friend request from Gerard Collins, an author and professor from Memorial University. An author, I admittedly never heard of or read before, and one I immediately connected with. That he took the time to connect with me and answer any message I sent, I felt honoured.

He soon told me of a Maritime tour he was going on and I started looking at schedules and distance to figure out which one I could attend. During this, I also asked if he would donate a book to a friend of mine who lost his home due to fire just before Christmas and he obliged without question and sent a book.

Long story shorter, it was difficult for me to attend anything Gerard already had scheduled so I asked him to host another one! And he did. He arranged to have one in the middle of the week in Moncton and I hesitated, thinking I wouldn’t make it. And then, the universe made it happen only Mother Nature was trying to get in the way. A storm threatened the opening of the library this was to be held but the weather predictions were drastically wrong and the workshop happened!

Gerard was warm, inviting, appreciative and motivating while being realistic. With exercises, conversations and great handouts, Gerard gave me more confidence to just keep going and maybe check out other avenues for my goals. The small group made it easy to embrace the depth of our psyche’s, at least for me, and made me think of things in a brand new way that still haunts me over 24 hours later.

This is what happens when you know your passion and talent, the world makes the path for you once you take that first step.

Where are you walking today?

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Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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