Oct 142013

One day a year is highlighted for gratitude and yet still people fill it with food, expanding pants, naps and well, yes, of course the family you haven’t seen in months.

Even if we say a moment of thanks to those who surround us, the good food on our plates and the beautiful colours of the trees today we need to understand how important this is to do every day.

While you’re eating your fill of turkey a neighbour is cursing the dropping temperatures because they can’t afford their heating bill. As you turn on the tv to watch a football game, supporting their hug pay cheques, doctors are sacrificing their own health to travel the world, for free, to invest in others.

We often hear of the children in Africa, the horrors of child slaves and starvation but it seems like it’s always on the other side of the world and we can’t do anything. This year I want you to realize how far your dollars can go. Eat and be merry but then talk about organizations doing their part for others across the world and in your own community.

I’m not asking you to give where it’s misused or under appreciated, there are many people doing terrific things and you can, too!

Kiva is a wonderful option as it helps the less fortunate start their own business and prosper from it. Talk about that while you fill your bellies with goodness so that your hearts can be the same kind of full, with energy instead of exhaustion.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me through all these posts,

Sarah Butland

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