Jun 142013

Most parents want to raise their kids as law-biding citizens, standing up for what is right without violence and respecting authority figures. We want future generations to drink clean water without fluoride or other added chemicals that are much worse.

The police in this despicable video I’m sure have kids who drink water, swim, have baths. Have wives who love them but want to do what’s right for their kids, maybe have a bath with a candle or two without fear of igniting themselves because they have water from contaminated soil.

The same soil that grows our fruits and vegetables, that rains on us, that fills our oceans. With RBC’s Blue Water campaign being well publicized, collecting pennies to give clean water to those who don’t have access, and ensure our children can swim in the lakes we remember swimming in it’s such a travesty to have authority figures be so intimidating towards Canadians standing up for their rights.

The only ignition I want to see is the fire in my child’s eyes when he’s standing up for himself and being passionate about what he loves. The excitement when it’s bath time, pool time or feeling confident asking for a drink from the tap.

If you don’t know what the frack to tell your kids, educate yourself and hopefully people being paid to bully will learn how dangerous this all is. It’s fracking but it’s beyond that. It’s knowing who you can trust to keep your and future generations safe and, even without photoshop, that gets muddled sometimes.

Who do you support – fracking or clean water?

Thanks for reading and being peacefully aware of what we’re up against.

Sarah Butland

Other peaceful protestors include:

Jason Lawson
The Albert County Community
Frack Off
No Fracking

TAKE ACTION TODAY! For all of us!

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