May 232013

I find it incredible how seamlessly Tami is able to control so many characters without overwhelming a reader or going too much into secondary characters. Prior Bad Acts is not an exception.

The main plot follows the gruesome murder of a mom and two foster kids and the judge who many believe is on the guilty parties side. A young female judge, Carey Moore, has a daughter of her own but won’t let her stand in the way of justice. Making Karl Dahl’s prior bad acts inadmissible infuriates a lot of the community who have decided Dahl was guilty before being proven so.

This story follows the difficulties of justice, the conflicts of marriage and discovery who people can turn into without your knowledge. Although Tami Hoag introduces us to a lot of characters, each added its own necessary element and only added to the main story while proving life doesn’t revolve around one case or event. The focus of any life include much more than a job, the past or immediate friends and family.

How much is going on around you?

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Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm Widgets

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