Mar 212013

A hidden treasure everyone who has ever heard of bullying and/ or suicide should read.

Before I Was Me (Fierce Shorts) is a short read but one that will last in your heart for your lifetime. It’s “easy” to feel for the victim, to relate to a time in your life that was troublesome, memorable but one that you lived through and conquered. We’re all been there – being mocked, feeling left out, uncomfortable or an outsider but for a lot of us we’ve become stronger because of it while others succumb to that moment in time like it was their only future.

Chad Pelley reminisces about a lost friend, peeling back more layers of himself that I both respect him for and am sad he lived through. He expresses the other side of bullying, the victim’s that are left behind to conquer their future without the person who felt they couldn’t go on. His determination, love for what could be and underlining need for a future and discovering who he is was evident.

Whatever trouble you’re going through, it will pass. The people who love you will always love you and miss you if you choose a permanent path for a temporary problem. Chad Pelley suffered so we could rejoice in his life and the brilliant way we could connect with. So please, I beg you to read this book and recommend it to anyone you think will learn from it (trust me, that will be everyone you know!) and read it when you’re happy, when you’re being bullied, again when you’re going through a difficult time – especially when you’re still discovering who you are which, in my opinion, will be forever.

Celebrate your life by reading a story that comes from the heart of a brilliant Canadian author.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm Widgets

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