Aug 172012

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This stop is about what my community means to me. As I reflect on this and take 5 minutes from my pending move to write this I realize it means a lot.

Just this week I went to a Cassie and Maggie concert put on by the Town of Riverview. I was grateful that the community put this on for free and that I was working that day so could attend at night. As I watched my son and other children dance to fiddle music, I enjoyed the music and had a sense of belonging, even though the average age of attendees was as you would expect a fiddle concert to be.

They also brought me “home” in the sense that they are from a town/ area very close to my home town in Nova Scotia. One town I’m very happy to say I’m moving back to, in a house of my family’s dreams (pending avoidable disaster).

Community togetherness thus means a lot to me and my family while I watch my son bond and grow with the children around him. While I remember my friends and family I will miss here and the opportunities the community provided me while I grew here.

So thanks to Moncton and thanks for New Glasgow for welcoming my family and me back!

And thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. Moves are always hard. It sounds like you are on a great adventure though and going to a place you will be very happy. Thanks for taking the time out to share with us!

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