May 182012

Throughout the world people will be celebrating food tomorrow but not just anything “edible”, edible items that are grown, natural and delicious.

May 19th will be about how easy it is to change your habits, improve your health and have fun doing it. Plan a dinner party tomorrow, a lunch date or a picnic where all foods brought are not genetically modified or processed. They are easy to find – they are in your backyard! OR local Farmer’s Market.

Chef Jamie Oliver is taking charge of changing the course of childhood obesity and focusing on England, Australia and America but BananaBoy is focused on Atlantic Canada.

While every day is Food Revolution Day for BananaBoy, May 19th will be a day full of education, promotion and highlight throughout Greater Moncton and no matter where you are I trust you’ll be thinking of what you’re eating.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

Join me in working for the betterment of food through our Facebook group that will be available permanently.


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