Apr 232012

There are so many Canadian authors to celebrate that I really don’t have time to list them all so I want you to help. Let me know who your favourite is and comment who you think mine is/are for a chance to win a free ebook.

A few I can think of include:

Farley Mowat
Lee Thompson
Eileen Schuh
Chad Pelley
Margaret Atwood
Jennifer McGrath Kent
Robert Munsch
Alexander McLeod

The list goes on and on and and will never be complete as I know so many emerging writers/ soon-to-be authors.

Who do you love to read?

Thanks for reading,
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “Happy Canada Book Day!”

  1. i’ve always been a fan of Farley. And I enjoy John Grisham as well…maybe mad magazine? Lol

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