Oct 222011

When one tries hard every day to make/ keep themselves in the public eye, wracking his/her brain for different ways to market their product it is such an amazing feeling when a surprise email comes in essentially praising you on your work and asking for help.

A few weeks ago that’s what happened to me and I was elated! Clover Leaf, a well known Canadian marketer of seafood – the leading branded marketer of canned seafood in Canada in fact, emailed me asking for help in promotion of their cause. It came into my Adventures Of Sammy email which I rarely ever use!

Clover Leaf asked me to help them promote their new “Re-Invent Fastfood” campaign in an effort to make and keep Canadians healthy by choosing to cook for themselves, with lower calorie foods while still enjoying a delicious taste. They worked with Chef Michael P Clive, who’s worked with Canada AM, to create 5 new recipes that compare with common meals we order at popular fastfood establishments. I’ve tried two out of three of their recipes thus far and was very impressed with ease of preparation, taste and cost!

In conversation with the Clover Leaf representative I get the impression they tracked me down because of the blurb about Sending You Sammy in Canadian Living years ago, which also stemmed to an interview with CBC Radio. Each of our efforts are noticed even if it doesn’t happen immediately.

I hope you’ll visit my Adventures Of Sammy site for further details about Clover Leaf’s efforts and learn a lot about Chef Michael P Clive – from how he likes his mac and cheese to what catch phrase he tried to make work.

Let’s see if Chef Michael P Clive and Clover Leaf can give Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, who is making America a healthier place, a run for his money. Hopefully both campaigns are exactly what our countries needs. No matter where we live I feel our children’s health is our priority.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Sarah Butland
author of Arm Farm, Brain Tales – Volume One and Sending You Sammy !

PS: As amazing as I think this is for me I can’t wait to see what comes next, even if it takes another few years!

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