Oct 152011

I delayed writing this post as I had big news to share with you and planned to have the details today. Unfortunately I do not so instead I’ll write my typical meanderings about life. 🙂 And you’ll need to wait for the fabulous surprise I have coming.

For now… Canadian bookstores.

They seem to be turning into beach glass. Rare, spectacular and beautiful but becoming so hard to find as a result of online stores taking over. I understand that ebooks are becoming all the rage, although I don’t think I’ll ever completely understand why, and with the economy as it is everyone is making cut backs but I have to wonder if illiteracy is on the rise because of this or if the stores are having difficulty because of this.

Although I much prefer visiting a store to buy books, I just love to handle it, read the back of it and get a feel for the author and story, I admit that I order most of my books online. This isn’t because I prefer shopping online but because the online prices are considerably less than in store so I can buy more books for the same price. Even when it’s a present for someone I would rather ask them to wait then pay double to get it immediately.

But as each store closes I feel for the owners, the buyers and the beauty of the Canadian landscape. Each store is unique with it’s own personality, those owned privately anyway, so it’s horrifying, as a reader and an author to see the for sale or lease signs in the windows instead of newly released books.

Whenever I travel, no matter the shore or season, I always have my eyes open for one of these beautiful pieces of beach glass and hope that some day they’ll become more common than they have been.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: If I do receive the details of this amazing cause before next Friday I’ll post immediately.


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