Aug 222011

Always wanting to support Canadian authors and needing to support local authors from Moncton or New Brunswick, when I saw this book by Carmel Higgins I actually mistook her for another Canadian author I know with the same first name. But am I ever glad I made that mistake.

I’m always questioning everything, religion especially, and know that I’m not alone in that. When I began this book and learned that Carmel Higgins would be taking me on a journey of discovery, learning and doubt – things we all need as much as breathe. We follow the author as she grows from a little girl asking questions to a wise woman finding answers and asking more.

Reading this gave me confidence and assurance that I’m not on this journey to religious confidence and knowledge on my own. To have it so closely linked with people and places I know from being in Moncton was even more effective.

When I passed this one on to a reader who is close to me, I was confident she’d either strengthen her resolve and faith or begin to question her devotion to one single reason for human life. Either way the read would change her life. But I was surprised as this book ended up in a typical non-readers hands first who fell as deeply as I did into the story. Although he began to step back when Higgins started to scratch the surface of other possibilities other than the God he believes in, he promised to continue until it’s completion.

Even if you didn’t grow up in Moncton, Cosmic Fire/ Local Sparks is a story local to your heart no matter where in the world you are. Make sure you visit her website to order this book before you ask another question pertaining to why we’re here.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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