Aug 192011

Lately I’ve been given a lot of thought to priorities – my own and those of others and came to the conclusion that a lot of people have them mixed up. Maybe it’s just my own opinion but I truly believe that the world could be a much better place if most of us weren’t hypocrites or merely procrastinating the inevitable.

I feel like it’s almost become acceptable for people not to trust their friends completely, forget about themselves and lie. When friends have no intention of following through on something they suggest why is it even suggested? Hopes often soar when it comes to relationships only to plummet to the hard cement beneath your toes. How many times do you give a situation the benefit of the doubt that it’ll be different?

The law of attraction and being positive is something I strongly and completely believe in so I keep being fooled but I’m not stupid, I know when to keep my hopes just above sea level, floating but loving the temperature of the water so not afraid to dive in.

I’m hopeful, as you should be, that eventually you’ll find the right people, the appropriate time and/or honesty that you deserve. The law of attraction does provide but it seems to have a sense of humour that can make us laugh but also makes me cry occasionally.

Chin up and hopes soar, be the friend you want others to be and find the time for you while leaving any guilt of being selfish in the closet. Be responsible and you’ll find people willing to help you achieve greatness.

Thanks for reading,
Sarah Butland

PS: This isn’t what I planned to write today but seemed relevant with the lateness of this post.

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  1. Nicely said Sarah. You are a very wise person. I am always trying to be positive and to think positive as well, knowing that thinking positive can bring about positive things in our lives. Alongside that, one must also DO – there has to be an action as well as a thought. I know you know this, just wanted to let you know that I totally agree with the above.

    • Aww thanks Louise. I’m glad you read it, especially now with your positive reinforcements coming through on Facebook. Although we can simply “x” the negative comments or ridiculous complaining, unfriend someone socially without them realizing for a year* or more, it’s not so easy to segregate from them in real life. If you figure out that trick please let me know. It seems the stragglers I mentioned earlier may be important and yet I’m exhausted by their presence.

      • I hear you Sarah. I am trying my best to ignore the nay-sayers (is that a word?) in my life. But I can ignore them, I can NOT pick up that telephone call from them. I can create my own sanctuary – internally and externally (not completely mind you). But as much as it may be impossible to ONLY have positives surrounding you all the time, it is possible to have it some of the time :o) I am a work in progress….. Being optimistic is sometimes hard work but WE can do it :o) . I’ll pick you up when I can just as I know you will pick me up when you can :o)

  2. We really must keep our chin up and keep forging forward, for what is the alternative? Nice post.

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