Aug 102011

Visiting my local book store I searched for Erica Spindler novels as I’m a devoted fan and reader. Cause for Alarm was calling out my name and it didn’t take me long to read it once I got it home.

Published in 2005 I’m still not sure how this novel, and author, stayed hidden from me for so long but now that I’ve read a few of her books I need to read them all.

Life was perfect for so many of the characters in this novel and yet the underlying feeling it gave me was that even smiles can hide sadness.

Kate and Richard have the perfect life – money, love, a long future together. The only thing missing for Kate is a baby, for Richard the role of District Attorney and for both a good friend who was caught in the middle. Kate loved both men, for different reasons, but when Richard asked her to marry him she said yes, not realizing this may have been done for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure we’ve all looked back and wondered if we did the right thing when it comes to marriage, Kate is just being bombarded with reasons why she didn’t.

Discovering Richard’s inability to have a child didn’t stop the couple from having a family and Richard, although obviously and cruelly hesitant (to the readers, not Kate), agreed to adoption which happened much faster for them then he would have liked. Julianna, the mother of their child, came from a twisted relationship and trusted all would be righted by giving her child to Kate before whisking Richard away on her fantasy.

Hired killers, hired lovers, assassins, a best-selling author, coffee shop owner and lawyer make up the main characters of this book and are all so different each reader can fall in love, pretend to be, and hate their own one. The story also made me appreciate the humdrum and romance of my own life and inspires me to think outside the coffee cup when it comes to my future.

Thanks Erica Spindler, it was a ride I’ll never forget!

And, as always, thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

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