Jun 192011

Fortunately I won this book as I may not have read it otherwise. What a fantastically cute story! It’s no wonder it’s been nominated recently for the John Spray Mystery Award.

A Megabyte Mystery to be sure, Dead Bird Through The Cat Door takes readers to the minds of twelve year old twin girls to see the world as an innocent and curious kid does. Cyd and Jane spend their summer blogging, showing their love and distaste for all animals as well as solving a mystery well beyond their years.

The delightful way this story is written speaks volumes to Markley’s ability to capture the imagination of young girls trying to discover themselves while still taking in such a large world around them.

Being taken back to my own childhood expeditions was what I loved the most. While Jane and Cyd cared for their own cat and those of others, they also took on the world one bird sanctuary and flashbacks to their attempts at saving frogs.

Dead Bird Through The Cat Door is the second book of the “A Megabyte Mystery” series with Dead Frog On The Porch being the first and while each can stand alone I highly recommend getting them as a pair. I can’t wait to read the first and the rest of what’s to come from Markley. I am very proud to say she’s a fellow Canadian author, too!

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview which will discover which of the fictional twins Jan Markley feels she is most represented by.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. Thanks for the review Sarah! Glad you enjoyed my book!

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