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Facebook is a wonderful place for connecting, building and restoring and when I first met Kelly Moran somehow I knew it was special. She’s a wonderful lady, a marvelous author and a dedicated friend and that’s just to name a few of the grand qualities I already know of her.

So I welcome you to read, comment (free ebook to be won) and support Kelly Moran in her journey to becoming a bestselling author. She already has a few books on the market, I’ve read a couple and had the pleasure of reading a pre-release of Summer’s Road and want all of you to read it too.

Here’s a little bit about Kelly Moran:

1. Do you remember that first story you wrote that made you realize how important writing is to you?

I began writing at an early age with short stories and poetry. In high school I had an assignment to write a short scene for a play. That merged into a novella, and now is being released on March 25th. It’s a romance called SUMMER’S ROAD. All these years later, that one scene is still my first baby. Very special to me.

2. Do you have any advice for other emerging authors?

Oh, a lot, LOL. First, I recommend joining a writers group. They help immensely from workshops to critique partners. Second, learn your craft. It’s not just about writing a great story, you have to know the rules. Writers get turned down hourly because of one glitch. Third, read in the genre you write. Know what the market is putting out, and it can help you better your writing. Lastly, never give up. Many bestsellers took years to get where they are and thousands of rejections. What one editor hates, another may love. Never. Give. Up. Dreams die when hope does.

3. How does your husband, Darren, feel about your choice of making money? Is he nervous you’ll create a more perfect man than he is for you?

LOL. I don’t make much money off this. Though he doesn’t understand my writing obsession, he supports it. Left brain vs. right brain–the two of us. I work in healthcare to pay the bills. As for my heroes, I don’t think he’s worried. Fantasy is great to escape to, but reality is where we live.

4. You’ve written both children’s books and adult novels. What do you find to be the best aspect of each?

I like children’s books because we can teach them so much while they are little to better this strange world we live in. I remember reading a lot as a kid, and not only learning valuable lessons, but escaping too. My adult novels are romance, and in a way, the same rules apply. Escape. Happily ever after. For awhile, the world doesn’t exist, just those pages.

5. You have two son’s; would you want them to make their living as writer’s or do you hope they find an easier career path?

I think any career path is a tough one. I wouldn’t pressure them to do anything but what their hearts want. One of the twins is over-creative like I am, and the other is an over-thinker like their dad. We shall see. Perhaps we’ll get a bestseller in the family yet.

6. Has a review or profile ever changed your perspective on your work?

Not really. It may change how I go about a plot or character in the next book. Advice is advice. It helps to know what the consensus is for general readers, but unless I’m doing something that everyone seems to notice as bad, I’ll usually store it in the back of my head for later.

7. Do you have a favourite story to share about any of your books? A creative way that one of the story ideas came to you?

Most inspiration comes in crazy places at crazy times. No rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it’s a news article, a song, a book I’m reading, or just something someone says. Then the characters don’t shut up until they are heard.

8. You’ve done a lot of interviews. Is there a question you wished you could ask one of your interviewee’s? What’s your answer to that question?

LOL. No, I’ll usually ask if I want to know.

9. You often post a lot of eye-catching and laugh out loud quotes on Facebook. Are these all original? What’s your favourite?

Some are. Most I find from websites. Some I alter to fit my tastes. I figure most “friends” don’t want to know things like “I just got up.” So, I post humorous quotes. Don’t think I have a favorite, but this comes to mind… “I’m sick and tired of chasing my dreams. I’m just going to sit back and let them catch up with me.”

10. Anything else you’d like to add?

I’ll give away a FREE eBook copy of the new book, SUMMER’S ROAD, to one commenter. And if you don’t win, I hope you pick up a copy on the 25th wherever books are sold. Check out my site for trailers, reviews, and more…

BIG thanks to Sarah for letting me come by. It’s been a pleasure as always, friend. XO

Thank you to Kelly for answering my questions and for being a great friend and awesome competition in the writing world!

Go leave a comment and I’ll draw for a free ebook!! Go now – this book is AWESOME!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: Stay tuned for April’s Author John Keeler author of Living Life with Diabetes

  19 Responses to “Welcome Kelly Moran to the Site”

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and for having me by, Sarah!

    I just want to let commenters know that you do NOT need an e-reader like Kindle or Nook to win. The book will be emailed to you and you can read it right on your PC.


    • My pleasure, Kelly. Thanks for all of your hard work! I know Summer’s Road is a big deal for you and will be for all its readers.

  2. Great interview, Kelly. My husband sounds just like yours. He doesn’t get it but he supports it…as long as I don’t slack off on laundry too much, haha.

  3. Hi Sarah, Hi Kelly,

    What a great interview.
    Kelly, I agree with Sarah’s first paragraph about you! I also agree that everyone should order Summer’s Road. Wishing you continued success on your blog tour!

  4. Great interview, great responses, and two lovely women! 🙂 Keep up the great work to you both! xo

  5. I really loved the interview. I don’t know how you do it all with your job, writing and two boys. You must have loads of energy!


  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments and especially Kelly for being such a good sport and diligent replier.

    Stay tuned for John Keeler’s interview next month!

  7. Hope I’m not too late for the contest! Love the title and cover for this book, Kelly! So excited to read it!

    Best always, Karen 🙂

    • You just missed out Karen… but you still have a chance!

      Kelly is on a virtual tour and her next stop is tomorrow (March 15, 2011). Be sure to check it out for another chance to win!

      I love Kelly’s choice for the cover too! Country roads to “nowhere” are a favourite of mine.

  8. I enjoyed reading about Kelly and her work and her life. Best wishes for lots of sales.

  9. Just dropping in now – weeks too late! Oops – sorry….. but worth dropping in for nonetheless.

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