Sep 232010

Air Lift to LA

School libraries all across North America are in need of our help and Air Lift to LA is doing there part. With school libraries being in the worst shape it’s no wonder our literacy rates are suffering. With practically empty shelves kids don’t  have the desire to visit their library to pick between out-dated books that are of little interest to them.

Helaine Becker, the founder of Air Lift to LA, is a Canadian children’s author who saw the need and the solution for libraries all across North America and has inspired many authors, including myself, to take part.

It’s Not Just Books

Although donations of books is vital to this organization and our children’s future, being able to go to underprivileged schools and libraries is important too. A group of Canadian authors have joined with Access Books to spend October 2nd, 2010 revitalizing the library by painting murals and cataloging books at Ralph Bunche Elementary.

Although I can’t be there or donate funds to the cause I am delighted to have the opportunity to send some books their way.

Have you donated your time, a book, or money to a good cause lately? This is one of the best.

For more information please visit their Facebook page and take part today!

Air Lift to LA needs you!

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Sarah Butland

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