Aug 152010

Back Spin was amazing once again.

The dedication, the thank you to all of Harlan Coben’s connections who taught him about golf discouraged me as I am not a golf fan. I’d never read a book about golf, never golfed, would and could never watch the sport on television or otherwise. I was a caddy once, well, half a time I guess, and enjoyed the club house much more. But I decided to keep reading, to give the book a chance and I’m so happy I did.

How Does Harlan Coben Do It?

Harlan knows how to spin a mystery so that you think you know whodunit but never quite figure out the how or why and then he has a way to turn it around so it’s the person you least think it could be.

I’ve done that, I think, with my first novel which is still under review; the complications are arising while getting it edited simply because I cannot find a reliable one. I realize now that Harlan Coben has a much more extensive budget than I do and editors most likely seek him out if he doesn’t want to continue working with the same one I just wonder how writer’s get their first novel out or to the point where they can work on a second.

Back to Back Spin

Myron Bolitor is a repeat character, an investigator of sorts, who takes on many more jobs than his sports agent professional entails. When Myron meets award winning golfer Linda, wife of Jack who is the height of th U.S. Open, not only does she hire him to aide in the search for her kidnapped son but admits to being related to Win.

If you haven’t met Win you probably know just as much about him as his best friend, Myron Bolitar. Normally secretive, sneaky and quiet Win aides in Myron’s adventures but as he no longer talks to what family he has left he bows out graciously. This leaves Myron in a bind he’s never been in which leads to life or death circumstances he needs to learn how to escape – on his own.

When you read this book, not if, please tell me what you think and if you are able to connect with Win more easily discovering why he left is mother behind and her gifts unopened.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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  1. At the present time, Win is my favorite literary character. He keeps everything about him so close to the vest, that it is hard for people, especially his friend who often gets him wrong, to understand the real Win. He’s scary and snobby, but I like him especially since he likes to call a spade a spade with no apologies.

    I think finding out about his mother lets me see how vulnerable he really is. He loves her, but he seems to be afraid to let her back in for fear of being hurt again. We know how deeply he loves because of how deep his feelings are for Myron. I imagine when she was dying, he new that she would never be able to hurt him again, so he allowed himself to be open to her on her death bed.

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