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Australian Internet Marketer, Sean Rasmussen, has done so much for his followers in the past seven weeks that it’s easy to see why he’s a top Internet Marketer and plans to get to and stay in the top spot for a long, long time. He’s been giving away so much for free and will be awarding a fortunate soul $3000 plus many more cash and prizes in the coming weeks.

This winner could still be you – if you have time, patience, passion and the desire to become an Internet Marketer. I’ve been learning so much from him and am envious as to what Sean Rasmussen has been doing for his fans while reaping a lot of SEO benefits for himself.

Whether You Are New or a Pro At Internet Marketing….

Although I am still working at becoming a full time stay at home mom through Internet Marketing I felt his lessons may be over my head and was daunted by the experienced people joining the competition early on. I didn’t need to be as everyone there is there for you. Of course we are all there for ourselves, too but if you have a question or need an opinion you can get it on Sean’s site.

Internet Marketer Sean Rasmussen

His lessons were easy to understand and, through the competition, I’ve learned of many individuals who didn’t even have a Twitter account before joining in and now use Twitter on a regular basis.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Sean Rasmussen is so nice that in all fairness and worldwide interest he made recordings of his webinars available for us “sleepyheads” in Canada (webinar’s would take place between 2 and 3 in the morning and although Don White woke up, I had no plans to). Sean’s webinars covered everything from creating your own blog, making money with a blog, setting up a website with no outlay, how to become an affiliate marketer and so much more.

I’ve Been Busy With My Son

With my active son I’ve been cramming in as much as possible while he napped and have been able to absorb and put almost everything into effect. Although my personal site, where you’re reading, is used primarily for information and an avenue for me to rant and rave, I have many other sites that I’m using for Internet Marketing.

I’ve learned so much and know that you can/ will too by visiting Sean’s site. I’m pretty sure you’ll always remember his name and will very soon be able to simply Google it or Internet Marketing for your way to Learning and Earning.

Sean Rasmussen Has a Family to Support

I’m not the only one with different priorities so the amount of time, effort and thought Sean and his wife have put into his websites and his followers is outstanding. I’m envious that he is doing so much for us while still doing amazing things for his two son’s and wife.

I’m in awe at the dedication he has to be where he is and where he wants to be and know that I’ll get there some day. I, too, have the passion to make things happen and that’s a main reason I took such a big part in earning points for his competition.

If you visit Sean Rasmussen’s YouTube channel you’ll see how amazing his son’s are and how happy they are to have such a dedicated and passionate father. Make sure you search for Tim Rasmussen Ring Dance – Instrumental so you can see how Sean’s efforts are paying off when it comes to his son’s.

I know I’m thankful I stumbled upon the opportunity to participate in Sean Rasmussen’s site and will forever be a fan. Will you?

Just go to any of these sites to start learning today:

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

  5 Responses to “Lesson’s in Internet Marketing From Sean Rasmussen”

  1. Hi Sarah

    I like how you have written honestly and straight from the heart. After all that’s what will drive your passion to have more and be more for you and your family.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and the information which you have shared about Sean and the great links which you have provided so we can find out more information!

  3. Sarah,
    I like your blog – it excellent! Sean rasmussen and you are showing us we can fit Internet Marketing in with a busy family schedule and it will still work and sweep us away with success. Jacqui 🙂

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Love your blog. Very good lessons in Internet Marketing to take on board.

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